WOSEN: Disrupting traditional entrepreneurship through equity and inclusivity

Why is WOSEN important?

What are WOSEN’s core programs?

  • Women in Social Enterprise (WISE): A series of accelerators that provide women interested in starting or growing a social enterprise with access to skill-building opportunities, industry coaching, and peer learning. WISE includes:
  1. The START program is designed to provide women exploring social entrepreneurship with a deeper understanding of the space and a more refined concept for their venture.
  2. The GROW program is for social entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level. Social entrepreneurs at the GROW stage have a validated business idea and are looking to refine their business model and strategy in order to achieve their next enterprise milestone.
  3. The RESILIENCE program is a responsive online program that provides social entrepreneurs with the support and resources necessary to adapt their business and strategy to our new reality in the pandemic.
  • Women-Centered Innovation Learnings (WIL): A community designed to help existing and aspiring social entrepreneurs build capacity and co-create networks of women in the ecosystem. WIL consists of sessions that are intended to allow social entrepreneurs to connect and share through personal and professional experiences. These sessions help women entrepreneurs discuss barriers that exist to help them maximize their venture’s social impact. Sessions can be in the form of sharing circles, workshops, labs and more, depending on the needs of the community.
  • Social Enterprise Ecosystem Developers (SEED): A convening of coaches, advisors, and community leaders to develop key competencies and learn how to respond to the needs of social entrepreneurs and innovators using an inclusive lens. The program includes a combination of training, online resources, and peer learning to help ecosystem developers learn socially innovative frameworks and support the community.
  • Funder Pair: Following the learnings and feedback from the pilot program in 2021, WOSEN launched its Funder Pair program in January 2022. This program creates a space for social entrepreneurs and social capital providers to engage and create human connections outside of the fundraising relationship. By engaging in conversation on equal standing, Funder Paid hopes to facilitate knowledge sharing and discussions that will help both parties contribute to ecosystem change.
  • Finding Funding & Investing for Impact programs: As a member of the ecosystem, WOSEN leverages its network to help social entrepreneurs find and access available capital through a variety of programs offered from various organizations including SVX, VERGE Capital, Ontario Catapult Microloan Fund, and more. At the same time, WOSEN mobilizes a network of social capital providers interested in supporting women-led enterprises and connects them to investment ready women-led ventures.
Testimony of a program participant from Pillar Non Profit

How is WOSEN creating systems change?

Inclusive & Accessible






Ecosystem Approach

WOSEN’s Design Principles from Pillar Non Profit

What are some of WOSEN’s success stories to date?

A Friendlier Company



What’s next for WOSEN?

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SVX is financial services firm & impact investing platform connecting ventures, funds, and investors to catalyze investment capital for impact. #ImpInv #SocEnt

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SVX is financial services firm & impact investing platform connecting ventures, funds, and investors to catalyze investment capital for impact. #ImpInv #SocEnt

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