We’re going all-in on impact this fall

We are living at what may be one of the important crossroads of history. Our climate is changing. In many communities and countries, we are experiencing a climate crisis from unprecedented floods to uncontrollable wild fires. We are also faced with the spectre of stark inequality and ugly populism that is pulling at the threads of our society. It is vital that we have good public policy in place to respond, and we must continue to actively engage in the political process.

But we must unleash all of the resources at our disposal to tackle these apparently intractable challenges. We need to take action as individuals and institutions with all of our own financial resources. We can re-align our investments and our philanthropy to achieve greater impact in tackling our most pressing problems. We can go all-in on impact. And we’re inviting a small number of folks to join us in order to start or continue their own all-in impact journey with us in Ontario’s idyllic Prince Edward County this fall. We hope it will spark future gatherings, and we also hope it will be a part of building the community and constituency of individuals and institutions committed to impact.

Karlo Estates Winery in Prince Edward County

What is the All-in Impact Gathering?

Hosted at Drake Devonshire from October 2–4, the All-in Impact Gathering is a special peer-led gathering for mission-driven investors and philanthropists seeking to fully mobilize their assets and wealth towards high impact investing and philanthropy.

All-in Impact is not just another one-way conference with walls of expert panels and heroic keynote speakers. Guided by a set of key principles, it will be co-designed and created by impact investors, and supported by industry experts. By taking a peer-driven approach, All-in Impact will offer a unique and novel experience for attendees to build their capacity; to learn from peers, advisors, and coaches; and to provide a pathway for next steps on their individual impact journey. Participants will be inspired, engaged and empowered through an in-depth experience including executive level content, case studies, storytelling, and coaching.

Drake Devonshire in Wellington, Prince Edward County

Who is attending All-in Impact?

This gathering is designed for high net worth individuals, families, private family foundations, community foundations, and faith-based organizations who are impact-interested, impact-active, and/or focused on better philanthropy. You may be at the beginning of your journey, or ready to take the next step towards greater impact activation in your philanthropy and/or investing.

All-in Impact has been designed for senior leaders who are asset owners and decision makers for their families or organizations. In order to foster a personal and interactive experience, this gathering will be limited to a small group. The content will be focused on the Canadian experience, but the gathering is open to US and global investors and organizations.

Why are we going All-in?

Beyond the clear need to act, we are organizing this gathering to meet the following needs:

  • There is significant and growing momentum in impact investing in terms of interest and activity by investors, including individuals and institutions.
  • There is momentum behind the movement towards mobilizing all assets towards impact, including philanthropy, and public and private investments. This represents individuals and institutions who are making commitments over a period of time, to those on their way, to those who have already gone all-in with their philanthropy and investing.
  • There is a need for investors to have the opportunity to connect with one another and to learn in a safe, trusted environment.
  • There is an opportunity to connect our respective impact investing and philanthropic communities across Canada (and beyond) to collectively achieve greater impact. Just like with many other events in our community, this event would not be possible without the support of our key partners including Tides Canada, Genus Capital Management (sponsor and community partner), Upper Canada Equity Fund, VERGE Capital, Rhiza Capital, and Toniic. They have been instrumental in helping us design this event and are national leaders, paving the way for individuals and organizations to make deeper impact through their good work and initiatives.

Why should you attend the All-in Impact Gathering?

There are many reasons you may want to join us in October:

  • Enhance your impact: All-in Impact will provide guidance to start or advance your journey to grow your positive social and environmental impact in philanthropy and investing.
  • Create connections: Build relationships and learn from peer investors and philanthropists in a safe environment, with the goal of working towards an all-in impact portfolio.
  • Gain knowledge: Gain practical knowledge of tools and approaches to support your impact journey in philanthropy and investing, from creating a Theory of Change to impact management methods.
  • Make a commitment: All-in Impact can be an opportunity for a personal or public commitment to mobilizing new or additional capital towards impact.

How can you participate and what’s next?

It is an intimate event, and we are curating the group to maximize the value of the experience for attendees. Please visit the website for more information about the concept, coaches and amazing venue, and to apply to register for your spot at the gathering.

In the weeks and months ahead, we will be profiling All-in Impact investor stories through blog and video posts in order to maximize peer sharing and to demonstrate momentum in the Canadian impact investing market. We would love to hear and to share your story. If you are interested, please contact us directly. You can reach Anisha Jain, Community and Communications at SVX at anisha.jain@svx.ca.

We hope you will consider joining us in Prince Edward County in the fall! It will be a great way for you to take the first or next step on your impact journey.



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