4 Tips to Elevate Your Impact Investing Offering

Are you an impact fund or organization seeking to raise investment capital, but finding the journey fraught with hurdles? You’re not alone.

4 min readOct 2, 2023

Many issuers face a multitude of challenges raising funds, namely: how can I connect with investors and how can I demonstrate I am a true impact investment opportunity?

Let’s look at the common problems issuers encounter when featuring impact products and how you can overcome these obstacles.

The Challenge of Raising Capital

Issuers who are committed to creating positive social and environmental change through investments often find themselves grappling with a range of issues:

  1. Resource Constraints: Lack of resources, whether financial, human, or technological, can hamper issuers’ ability to effectively feature their impact products. Developing comprehensive impact reports, conducting audits, and maintaining data systems can be costly endeavours.
  2. Marketing and Visibility: Even with impactful products, issuers may struggle to market them effectively. Gaining visibility and reaching the right audience of impact investors can be challenging without sufficient marketing expertise or resources.
  3. Growing Landscape: The impact investment marketplace is growing significantly, with hundreds of organizations offering investment products. Standing out in this crowded market can be an uphill battle, particularly as many folks are worried about impact washing.

What can I do?

Tip 1: The most common approach is to just plain hustle. You do your research, build lists, engage in cold and warm outreach, attend events, engage in (regulatory compliant) marketing efforts, and meet people online and in-person. And repeat. And repeat. Then repeat again.

Tip 2: Many folks also seek support from outside experts and firms: platforms, impact measurement advisors, investor relations firms, and others offer resources, expertise, and a means of showcasing your product. There are a few great ones, a fair number of good ones, and loads of very expensive or not-so-good shops.

Tip 3: Another way is to get recognized. This may be through earned or unearned media, awards or third party verification. Investors would know through marketing, opinion leaders, or the right kind of badge that you are a genuine impact investment opportunity.

Tip 4: In light of the challenges and potential paths above, SVX 3.0’s ImpactX program emerges as a valuable solution, providing both support and recognition to help you achieve more as you hustle.

[Important aside, this is a short list. There are certainly other things you can do. For example, the GIIN has a handy resource with tips on how to market an impact investing fund.]

What is ImpactX?

You may have heard that the SVX 3.0 Platform has opened a call for products for issuers to feature funds, products, and other investment offerings on the SVX 3.0 Platform.

Beyond initial product selection criteria standards, we are excited to announce that organizations have the select opportunity to be a verified ImpactX offering. ImpactX is a curated subset of private impact investment offerings, and we believe your organization could be a perfect fit.

ImpactX is more than just a listing; it’s a recognition of excellence in impact investing. It’s a mark of trust and a testament to your commitment to creating a real impact. By becoming an ImpactX offering, you unlock several key benefits:

  1. Stand Out: Your investment offering will be prominently featured on our platform, reaching a wide network of impact investors actively seeking impactful opportunities.
  2. Gain Credibility: Being vetted and recommended by third-party experts and our Advisory Group of industry professionals adds an extra layer of trust and credibility to your offering.
  3. Access a Target Audience: SVX is the go-to destination for impact investments in Canada. Joining us means connecting with a network passionate about making a difference through investments.

The Perks of ImpactX:

  • Increased Exposure: Join an exclusive group of impactful products and reach hundreds of impact investors in the Canadian community.
  • Heightened Visibility: Be part of Canada’s single access point for impact market information.
  • Facilitated Growth: Collaborate with like-minded peers, share knowledge, and receive valuable feedback.
  • Cost-Effective: Best of all, there’s no cost for issuers to post on the Platform.

How Can I Become a verified ImpactX Listing?

  1. Meet the Criteria: Ensure your investment offering aligns with the ImpactX criteria, covering aspects like management, governance, impact, finances, and equity. Learn more about the criteria on our website here.
  2. Submit Your Information: Visit the SVX website and complete our user-friendly survey. Provide the right details and necessary documentation to qualify for an ImpactX verified listing. It only takes a few minutes to gather the material, but the rewards are substantial.
  3. Await Feedback: Once you’ve submitted your information, our Advisory Group of industry professionals will review your application.

Important Dates:

The application deadline for the inaugural ImpactX cohort is Friday, October 27th at 5:00 PM ET. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to elevate your impact investment offering and reach a broader, engaged audience.

Get In Touch:

For any queries or additional information, please reach out to us at questions@svx.ca. We will also be hosting informational webinars in the coming weeks:

And if you are still early on your journey to develop an impact investment product or fund, please also let us know. We can help you get educated and support your strategy development to take a new impact investment opportunity to market.

Join us in redefining the impact investing landscape in Canada. Let’s chart your Impact Map with the SVX 3.0 Platform today! Together, we can create a lasting impact and drive positive change through purposeful investments. Let us help you take your first or next step on your impact journey.




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