TechSoup successfully completes $11.5 million capital raise on SVX US platform

SVX looks ahead to scaling operations with new campaigns in early 2022


  • Over 209 investors supported the SVX US campaign, including individuals making smaller individual investments of $50 to institutions making multi-million dollar investments.
  • Major funders and investors including Microsoft Philanthropies, VMware, Okta for Good, and Nonprofit Finance Fund supported the TechSoup capital raise campaign.
  • For every $100 invested, TechSoup is able to distribute an estimated $47,000 of additional resources to nonprofits.
  • TechSoup has reached 1.3 million organizations in 236 countries and territories around the world. The DPO will enable it to make additional inroads into the global nonprofit/NGO sector, which is made up of more than 12.3 million NGOs and an estimated workforce of 251 million people.
  • In Canada, SVX-supported enterprises, funds, and organizations have raised over $350 million in capital since 2013.


“We are extremely gratified to have been chosen to host TechSoup Global’s Capital Campaign on SVX US. Having met and exceeded their targeted raise of $11.5 million, we could not have been happier with TechSoup as our initial launch partner. This campaign has proven that we are now poised to curate and showcase the next cohort of offerings, while continuing our mission to provide issuers and investors with an impact-focused platform.”
— John Katovich, Co-Founder, SVX US and Managing Partner, Cutting Edge Capital

About SVX US

SVX US makes it easy for enterprises, including private issuers, CDFIs, nonprofit organizations, and funds, to connect with impact investors in a simple and automated way. The organization operates an online impact investment platform with campaign preparation support, detailed profiles, automated transaction and subscription document processing, and capacity to deploy investments across security, investor, and offering types, from DPOs to Reg D to nonprofit and co-op offerings. SVX US also offers a range of referral partner support, including legal, marketing, and capital advisory services. SVX US is a partnership of Cutting Edge Capital and SVX Canada. For more information, please visit

About TechSoup

For nearly 35 years, TechSoup has provided the transformative technology solutions, the digital platforms, and the in-person experiences that enable people to work together toward a more equitable world. With 70 partner NGOs around the world, TechSoup manages the only global philanthropy program that brings together more than 825 corporations and foundations to provide technology donations to NGOs everywhere. TechSoup’s data and validation services enable companies, foundations, and governments to connect their philanthropic resources with vetted NGOs around the world. Over nearly 35 years, TechSoup has reached 1.3 million NGOs and facilitated $16 billion worth of technology products and financial resources.

About SVX Canada

SVX is a nonprofit, diversified financial services firm driving impact for investors, organizations, funds, and enterprises. We provide knowledge and insights, design strategies and products, manage funds, and operate a platform for raising impact capital and making impact investments. We work across sectors that deliver meaningful impact: climate, food, equity, housing, and community real estate, helping investors find and make impact investments and issuers raise impact capital. SVX is regulated by the Ontario Securities Commission and is registered as an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) in British Colombia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Québec. We have partners and operations across Canada, as well as in the US and Mexico. Since 2013, SVX has worked with over 500 funds, enterprises and organizations, clients have mobilized over $350 million in capital, and we maintain a network of over 1,200 impact investors. For more information, please visit



SVX is financial services firm & impact investing platform connecting ventures, funds, and investors to catalyze investment capital for impact. #ImpInv #SocEnt

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SVX is financial services firm & impact investing platform connecting ventures, funds, and investors to catalyze investment capital for impact. #ImpInv #SocEnt