TechSoup successfully completes $11.5 million capital raise on SVX US platform


  • Over 209 investors supported the SVX US campaign, including individuals making smaller individual investments of $50 to institutions making multi-million dollar investments.
  • Major funders and investors including Microsoft Philanthropies, VMware, Okta for Good, and Nonprofit Finance Fund supported the TechSoup capital raise campaign.
  • For every $100 invested, TechSoup is able to distribute an estimated $47,000 of additional resources to nonprofits.
  • TechSoup has reached 1.3 million organizations in 236 countries and territories around the world. The DPO will enable it to make additional inroads into the global nonprofit/NGO sector, which is made up of more than 12.3 million NGOs and an estimated workforce of 251 million people.
  • In Canada, SVX-supported enterprises, funds, and organizations have raised over $350 million in capital since 2013.


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