SVX Announces Impact Index+ Colombia: Colombian Impact Investments Accessible to Canadian Investors

Colombian impact investing funds on Canadian tour to catalyze collaboration and investments through visits to Toronto, Ottawa, and Montréal

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TORONTO, ONTARIO, June 11, 2024 — Today, SVX is pleased to announce Impact Index+ Colombia — a group of qualified private impact investment opportunities on the SVX Impact Index that have met rigorous impact, governance, and financial requirements. This cluster on the Impact Index represents private funds and other products that are accessible to Canadian investors and seek to drive positive social, economic, and environmental impact in Colombia, from climate action to gender equality.

As a part of this announcement, a delegation of Colombian impact investing funds are touring Toronto, Ottawa, and Montréal to catalyze capital-raising efforts and foster mutual growth. The initiative aims to bridge markets and create robust connections between Canada and Colombia through a series of events, meetings, and presentations. Colombia’s impact investing sector is poised for remarkable growth. With $473 million USD already invested in impact projects and a national government that prioritizes impact investing, Colombia presents a unique opportunity for Canadian investors. Despite this potential, there remains a knowledge and visibility gap among Canadian investors regarding the Colombian market. The Impact Index seeks to provide greater access to information about the range of opportunities for Canadian investors, including opportunities seeking to drive impact in Colombia.

Many of the Impact Index+ Colombia funds have participated in SVX Colombia’s Fund Accelerator of the Programa de Apoyo a la Inversión de Impacto en Colombia (PAIIC), which is funded by Global Affairs Canada. The funds invest in diverse sectors ranging from agribusiness, agroforestry, commerce, women’s health and conservation, in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The fund managers provide investment capital alongside technical assistance and capacity-building support for entrepreneurs, financing across stages from seed to growth. Several funds have received industry recognition and global awards for their impact investment initiatives. Further, the funds are at a pivotal stage where they have a need and opportunity to connect with investors across North America and Europe.

Individuals interested in connecting with the funds and learning about the impact investing market in Colombia can register for public events on the tour this week supported by Global Affairs Canada (GAC), ProColombia, DLA Piper, Esplanade Québec, and many others including:

  • Toronto on Tuesday, June 11th from 4–7 pm at DLA Piper and the in-person Social Finance Forum event on Wednesday, June 12th at Learning Enrichment Foundation (LEF);
  • Montreal on Thursday, June 13th from 8–10 am at Esplanade Québec; and
  • Ottawa on Friday, June 14th from 8:30–10 am at Impact Hub Ottawa.

Impact Index+ Colombia and the work of SVX in Colombia including PAIIC is made possible through the support of Global Affairs Canada (GAC). You can read more about the funds, SVX, and the Impact Index below.


“Canada’s international assistance portfolio works to strengthen alliances with the private sector to leverage capital and jointly increase the impact on sustainable development goals. The SVX Impact Index+ Colombia will facilitate linkages and connections between Canadian investors and Colombian impact funds who are jointly seeking transformative change. Positioning Colombia as an attractive destination for impact investment through this platform has the potential to make a significant contribution towards achieving its socio-economic and environmental goals.” — Marianick Tremblay, Ambassador of Canada to Colombia

“We are thrilled to work with Colombian impact investing leaders to present several outstanding impact investment opportunities available. Collaborating with Canadian investors is essential for closing the knowledge gap and promoting mutual growth in our markets. This initiative will boost capital-raising efforts and reinforce the bond between Canada and Colombia in the impact investing sector.” — Paula Degadillo, Project Manager, SVX Colombia

“Campo Impact Fund is a fund that will operate in Ontario, Canada. This decision has been the result of a very organized process, where we have found great support from SVX and the entire Canadian impact investing ecosystem. Our fund’s inclusion on the SVX Index platform strengthens our motivation.” — Diego Lozano, Managing Partner, Campo Capital

“The 2024 Impact Index+ Colombian issuers represent some of the most promising impact investment opportunities in Latin America. By touring major Canadian cities, we hope to increase visibility and understanding of these investments among Canadian investors. This collaboration is a significant step towards creating a robust and interconnected global impact investing ecosystem.” — Adam Spence, CEO, SVX

“Being featured as an Impact Index+ issuer is a relevant milestone for the bilateral relations between Colombia and Canada and shows the work of many years of bringing innovative solutions to support economic development in areas and communities where traditional investment is not prioritized. The SVX Impact Index platform provides us with a unique opportunity to connect with Canadian investors and highlight the transformative projects we are working on in Colombia. Our goal in Procolombia is to create sustainable social and economic impact, and this partnership is a crucial step towards achieving that. Procolombia actively supports the development of the impact investment sector and is excited to see how Canadian and international investors have devised new ways of investing in social development in Colombia.” — Diego Javier Penagos, Senior Investment Specialist, Procolombia

“We deem the SVX Impact Index as a significant milestone in driving our country’s impact investing industry forward by providing Colombian funds the opportunity to share our innovative solutions and lessons learned with a broader audience. Inversor, as a pioneer in Impact Investing in Colombia, is thrilled to be featured as an issuer and to join forces with the Canadian ecosystem to generate social and environmental outcomes that benefit vulnerable populations in Latam.” — Ximena Trujillo, Managing Partner at Inversor

Quick Facts:

  • The most recent data from the National Advisory Board (NAB) on impact investing in Colombia reported that there is $473M USD in impact investments in the country.
  • Five (5) Colombian funds were named to the Impact Index+ Colombia cohort for 2024.
  • Collectively, the funds are seeking to mobilize a total of $210 million USD in capital to advance climate action and biodiversity, gender equality, rural development, improved health and beyond in Colombia.

Learn more about:

Impact Index+ Colombia Cohort 2024

Issuers on Impact Index+ have met certain requirements or standards in terms of governance, finances, impact, and equity. However, SVX or its advisors do not endorse any investments of any of the organizations, and we do not recommend any investments. The opportunities included in the database are for informational purposes only. They are not intended as investment advice or an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any financial instrument. Please read the full disclaimer below.

Fondo Blooming Roots — AMPLO Inversión de Impacto

AMPLO’s objective is to contribute to the reactivation of the business fabric of Providencia and Santa Catalina, strengthening the offer of products and services in tourism, commerce and agribusiness companies that were operating before Hurricane IOTA. The Fund was created at the request of Bancoldex as an initial investor (subsequently supported by UNDP), in which the proposal was co-managed by AMPLO (Impact Investment Banking in Colombia) and Grassroots Business Fund (an international organization born from the IFC a few years ago) was chosen. 15+ years), with a Revenue-Based Financing model. The Fund has two “pockets”: (1) Direct investment in companies that operate or strengthen the business and social infrastructure, (2) Accompaniment and non-reimbursable technical assistance to strengthen the skills and abilities of entrepreneurs in back processes -office, finance, commercial and service, integration with value chains, among others.

Impact Investment Fund II Inversor in Colombia and Other Latin American Countries — Inversor

Inversor is an Impact Asset Manager founded by 13 recognized entities in Colombia, which accompanies and generates value for Investors and allies in the development and implementation of Impact initiatives with high economic, social and environmental outcomes. With more than 12 years of experience and having managed over USD 25 Mn AUM, Inversor is a benchmark in Impact Investing , managing the first Impact Fund in Colombia and being a pioneer in managing pay-for-success financing vehicles, such as the Social Impact Bonds and performance-based contracts.

Campo Capital Impact Fund — Campo Capital

Campo Capital is an investment managing company dedicated to the agroforestry sector in Latin America founded in Colombia in September 2010. Campo Capital structures and provide management services, environmental services through sustainable solutions, and advisory services for the sector. The company has managed approximately $65 million in assets across more than 10,000 rural hectares, and has verified nearly 500,000 carbon credits under the VERRA VCS standard. Additionally, Campo Capital is structuring a private equity fund: Campo Capital Impact Fund, in order to identify, select and finance nature-based investments with high environmental, social and economic impact in rural Colombian areas. Campo Capital has experience in various areas of the agroforestry sector: Forestry, nature-based solutions, native fruits, commodities (cocoa and coffee), bioenergy, aromatic herbs, cereals, among others. For Campo Capital, it is extremely important to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the projects it executes and structures.

Empodera Impact Capital — New Ventures Capital

Empodera Impact Capital is a 15 MM pioneer impact investment vehicle that supports early to growth stage gender smart health enterprises in Latam. EIC offers revenue-based financing and venture debt catalytic capital, for mission driven health entrepreneurs in the region. Overall, EIC aims to improve access to and quality of health services for 2+ million underserved women in LatAm, while diminishing the 93 billion funding gap for women-owned businesses, catalyzing the impact of the women’s health enterprise sector in LatAm.

Pantera 4i: Investment / Impact / Innovation / Inclusion — Pantera Makers

Pantera Makers is an accelerator in Colombia with an impact in LATAM focused on SCALING, PRESERVING AND CONNECTING the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region.

Within the Preserve vertical has been built the Pantera 4i; a model that seeks to promote impact, investment, innovation and inclusion based on the strengthening and scaling of startups in Colombia that solve social and environmental problems from and for emerging and sustainable cities, thus decentralizing investment in the region at the same time that we act in the field knowing the realities and needs of the most disconnected ecosystems. To achieve this, Pantera Makers is in the process of structuring its first impact investment fund: Fondo Frailejón, with an estimated size of 1.7M USD and a 100% focus on Colombia.

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Full Disclaimer

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The opportunities included in the database are for informational purposes only. They are not intended as investment advice or an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any financial instrument.

Investing in the exempt market has significant risk. You should be aware of these risks, and as appropriate, consult with appropriate financial professionals to support your decision-making processes.

For those issuers included in the general Impact Index database: we have not completed due diligence on these opportunities, including any qualified, non-reliance based analysis or specific work required for meeting Know Your Product (KYP) standards that could support investment decision-making. Further, we cannot verify or disprove any statements made by issuers regarding current or past financial or impact performance, or any of the specific stated financial or impact metrics or objectives.

The Impact Index and Impact Index+ not designed to be a replacement for due diligence. However, it is hoped that it makes that process much more efficient for investors and issuers alike.

Issuers on Impact Index+ have met certain requirements or standards in terms of governance, finances, impact, and equity. However, SVX or its advisors do not endorse any investments of any of the organizations, and we do not recommend any investments.

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